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What if you could have the law and a life?

Whether at a law firm, corporate, or running a practice, lawyers around the world are on the edge of burnout.

There’s got to be a better way.

Flexible careers for modern lawyers

By opening new and exciting pathways, we are helping lawyers design a career that fits into their life, not the other way round.


Get seconded into the world’s best in-house departments.

Deep immersion, dedicated work, and stable income for set durations.

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Choose your projects, design your schedule, and work from anywhere.

Craft a career that mirrors your aspirations and complements your lifestyle.

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Work side by side with elite in-house teams and immerse yourself into their world. Learn the ins and outs of how things really work, and get a front-row seat to where the magic happens.

The cherry on top? Steady income, stable work, and guaranteed paycheck for the entire engagement.


Focus your energy on a single, dedicated client so that you can make a lasting impact.


Step into your client’s world and feel the buzz of office by working hand-in-hand with their team.


Projects typically last 6-12 months — long enough to make a mark, short enough to keep it exciting.


Step into your client’s shoes, see their business through their eyes, and gain a whole new perspective.


Secondments can be a great way to test drive an in-house role and see if it’s your calling.


Work with iconic companies, soak up their brand magic, and let it rub off on your career.

“The folks at Counselect know that there are many paths to fulfilment. I’ve had the opportunity to work across a range of industries over several secondments. The quality and variety of assignments had the flavour of law firm work, but without the endless late nights and constant stress.”


Aparna Nair

Completed 6 secondments in e-commerce, software, and mobility.

“Our secondments have something for everyone. Whether you’re a data privacy expert with in-house experience or a law firm associate figuring out your working style, we’ll understand what you’re looking for and match you with a project that makes it worth your while.”


Emerald Amara

Vice President, Talent solutions, Counselect



What if your career was like a choose-your-own-adventure book? You get to pick the setting (where you work), the characters (who you work with), and the plot (what you work on).

With Streams, you can craft a career that celebrates your strengths, matches your vibe, and aligns with your vision of success.


Service clients across the world, no matter where you are. Design your own vibe and let yourself flow.


Build a portfolio career by working with a range of exciting clients. Retain selectivity and flexibility.


Choose work that inspires you and build your dream career brick-by-brick.


Step into entrepreneurship or new practice areas, without the anxiety of a lifelong commitment.


Shape your own identity and invest in your professional brand from day one.


Put your well-being first by setting your own priorities and designing your rhythm.

“When my son was in his formative years, I was looking for a role that offered some flexibility while also giving me a chance to learn and lead. Counselect helped me find the balance with a contracted role at an MNC.”


Vidya Majumdar

Lead Counsel (Global Legal Desk) at a supply chain company

“Our market interactions validate the view that flexi-work is not just a moment in the legal industry, it is a movement. Even companies not limited by headcount approval are looking for new ways to engage with top talent. Streams can help you tap into this world.”


Ritvik Lukose

Co-founder and Director, Counselect

What’s in it for you?



The clients are stellar.

We work with the best people on the best projects. Our clients span marquees, boutiques, and non-profits who view flexible engagements as a win-win for everyone.



The work is diverse.

Whether you’re an all-rounder or a subject-matter expert, we’ve got opportunities that’ll keep you on your toes.

You can mix it up, too: a research-heavy opinion could be followed by assisting on a hot deal. And if you feel like switching up roles or sectors, we’re just the people you should talk to.

Transaction support during a hot deal cycle

We connected a secondee to a marquee venture capital fund during a busy time. The secondee, who had experience juggling multiple deals, steered several transactions to closure.

Disputes and stakeholder management for FMCG giant

We placed secondees in five Indian regional offices of a soaps-to-ice cream conglomerate. The work had many touchpoints with the business side across product categories.

A tech contracts role at a communications major

To assess applicants, we worked with the India legal team of a client to design an innovative test based on issue-spotting in commercial contracts.

Project management on a big ticket sale

A Counselect secondee, with almost 10 years of transactional experience, worked on corporate and regulatory aspects of the sale of a global financial institution’s retail business to an Indian bank.


Your peers are talented.

Over the years, we’ve been able to build a bit of a community. When you register with us, you’ll become part of our Talent Panel that’s full of go-getters and lifelong learners just like you.


Pawan Singhal

PQE+ 33

Seasoned legal and strategy advisor. Has been GC/Director/CLO at listed and unlisted MNCs as well as start-ups. Areas of functional expertise include Corporate Legal, ESG, Governance, Regulatory, Fundraising, Data Protection and Finance.


Ankita Kansil

PQE+ 12

Venture Capital lawyer. As a secondee at a marquee VC fund, led transactions from term sheet stage to funding. 2+ years of full-time experience at a VC fund. 6+ years at a Tier 1 law firm.


Tejaswita Sachdeva

PQE+ 10

Versatile legal professional. Done both litigation and transactional work on secondments with an alcoholic beverages major and an e-commerce giant. Also runs an independent practice in Delhi courts.

Shubham Dimri

PQE+ 5

Commercial and disputes lawyer with a deep interest in tech. As part of a secondment as Legal Counsel for a Big Tech company, he worked on the AI National Initiative, litigation, and regulatory affairs.


The money is good.

We’re busting the myth that a balanced life comes at the cost of a fat paycheck or your career ambitions. You’ll always be paid fairly, and your earning potential will never stop growing.

Top 25


Our panelists earn in the top 25th percentile of the industry, more than what their peers earn in traditional legal roles.



have landed a fee hike when their secondment has been extended after the first assignment.



In their first secondment, panelists have taken home 30 percent more cash compared to their preceding full-time role.


The balance is real.

With us, work-life balance is a reality, not a pipe dream. Liberated from financial stress, office drama, and soul-crushing work, you’ll have the time and headspace to do what you find most meaningful.

“A full-time job can feel restrictive if you have interests you want to explore more fully. Secondments lasting 6 to 9 months have allowed me to embed myself in in-house legal teams. Once the gig is complete, I can take a few months to travel and scuba dive. Then, its on to the next assignment. The best of all worlds!”

Govind Naidu – Corporate lawyer and Scuba Diver

Formerly with JSA and DLA Piper


So… how does it all work?

Sounds complicated? It’s not! We’ll be with you every step of the way — helping you land the juiciest assignments and setting you up for success.

Get on the Counselect Panel

Fill a simple, no-fuss form (click here!) to get on our Talent Panel. Submit, and voila! You’re all set to receive invitations for exciting paid gigs from top clients.

We’ll give you a call

We want to know who you are, what you’ve been upto, and what you’re looking for, so that we can match you with projects that make the most sense for you.

Get invited to paid projects

When a project matches your profile, we’ll ping you with the particulars. Fancy the opportunity? Let us know and we’ll pitch your profile to the client.

Ace the interview

We’ll set up an interview with the client to assess your technical chops and fit. If you make the cut, we’ll facilitate discussions about scope, pay, and timelines.

Seal the deal

Once everything’s ironed out, you’ll sign a contract with Counselect. This ensures you always get paid and your interests remain protected.

Get onboarded

Before you start, we’ll give you the full scoop on the client, their culture, and how to crush it in your role. We’ll get you set up with access and paperwork too.

Do your best work

Tada! The fun begins. Just focus on bringing your A-game, and let us handle the rest. You’ll get paid like clockwork, and we’ll be by your side, cheering you on.

Have questions?





What are Counselect’s talent solutions?

We offer two alternative career pathways for lawyers who want to ditch the daily grind without sacrificing on the quality of the work: Secondments and Streams. Both will give you the flexibility to work with incredible companies on your terms.

What are Secondments?

Secondments are like being adopted by a company for a fixed period (usually 6-12 months). You become part of their team, soak up their culture, and focus all your energy on one big project or role. It’s a chance to really get to know a client’s business inside out.

How does the scope of work differ between Secondments and Streams?

In a Secondment, you’ve got a clear mission. The client tells you exactly what they need, and you dive in deep. With Streams, you’ve got to be ready for anything. Each project is different, so you need to be adaptable and roll with the punches.

Can I work on multiple projects at the same time?

In Streams, you can totally work on multiple projects at the same time. In a Secondment, you’ll be focused on one client. But even in Streams, don’t bite off more than you can chew. Quality over quantity, and don’t forget to save some time for yourself!

What is Streams?

Streams is perfect if variety is the spice of your life. You get to work with a bunch of different clients on all sorts of projects, all on your own terms. You choose what you work on, when you work, and where you work from. It’s like being your own boss, but without the hassle of finding clients.

What is the difference between Secondments and Streams?

Secondments are like a deep-dive with one client for a set time. You’re all in, working closely with their team. Streams is more like a buffet – you get to work on different projects with different clients, all while enjoying the freedom of working remotely on your own schedule.

What kind of talent does Counselect attract?

We’ve got a diverse mix of legal superstars on our panel – from fresh-faced associates to seasoned veterans, in-house pros to firm-trained experts. Whether you’re an M&A maven, an IP aficionado, or an energy law guru, you’ll find your tribe here.

Why should I consider getting on the Panel?

Maybe you’re craving better work-life balance, itching for a career shake-up, or just want more time for the things (and people) you love. Or perhaps you’re ready to craft a work life that energises you without burning you out. Whatever your reason, Counselect can help you find the perfect fit.

Is there a screening process?

Yes. Our team will review your profile, and if you’re a good fit, we may ask you to complete a test. This helps us understand your skills, interests, and expertise to make sure you’ll thrive on our Panel. Keep in mind, this is just to join the Panel. If we match you with a client for a project, they’ll likely want to assess your skills and chat with you before green-lighting you.

Do I have to pay any fees?

Nope, nada, zilch! Registering for our Panel is completely free. And if you’re accepted, you still won’t have to pay us a dime.

How can working with Counselect benefit my career in the long run?

Working with Counselect can supercharge your career in many ways. Secondments let you dive deep into a specific industry, forge strong professional bonds, and potentially land an in-house role. Streams helps you broaden your skills, grow your network, and explore entrepreneurship. Both give you the flexibility to craft a career that truly aligns with your aspirations and values.

Can I refer other legal professionals to join the Counselect Talent Panel?

You bet! We’re always on the lookout for legal rockstars to join our ranks. If you know someone who’d be a perfect addition, please send them our way.

How do I join the Counselect Talent Panel?

Joining our crew is a breeze. Just fill out the registration form, and hit submit. Our team will check out your profile and invite you for an assessment if you’ve got what it takes. Ace that, and you’ll be part of the Panel, ready to snag exciting gigs from clients.

Who are Counselect’s clients?

We work with a diverse range of clients, from industry giants to boutique firms to non-profits. What they all have in common is a desire to tap into top legal talent on a flexible basis. Many reputed multinationals trust us to design their short-term staffing strategies.

Why are clients interested in this model?

Clients need legal superstars to help them navigate the chaos without breaking the bank. Freelancers offer the perfect mix of expertise, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, making them an attractive option for companies looking to stay agile.

How does Counselect match talent with projects?

When a client project comes in, we carefully review the requirements and match them with the skills, experience, and preferences of our talent pool. If we think you’re a good fit, we’ll reach out with the details. If you’re interested, we’ll pitch your profile to the client and take it from there.

What kind of projects can I expect?

The sky’s the limit! Our projects are as diverse as our clients, ranging from legal research and contract drafting to compliance reviews and due diligence. The exact nature of the work will depend on the client’s needs and your area of expertise. But one thing’s for sure – you’ll never be bored.

What happens if a client is not satisfied with my work?

We’ve got a rigorous quality control process to make sure client dissatisfaction is rare. But if it does happen, we’ll work with you to get to the bottom of the issue and find a solution. That might mean extra training, mentorship, or a performance improvement plan. Our goal is to set you up for success.

How does Counselect protect the confidentiality of client information?

Client confidentiality is our top priority. Before starting any project, all our talent sign ironclad NDAs. We’ve also got strict data protection protocols in place and provide guidance on managing confidential information, especially when juggling multiple clients through our Streams solution.

Will I start earning if I get empanelled?

Getting on our Panel is just the first step. It makes you eligible for paid project invites, but you’ll only start earning once you’ve been selected by a client for a specific gig.

How does Counselect ensure fair compensation for its talent?

We’re all about fair pay for fair work. Our rates are based on market standards and take into account your skills, experience, and the project scope. We handle all the billing and make sure you get paid on time, every time, so you can focus on doing what you do best.


Take the leap.

Embrace the new way to work.
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